Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tech Tuesday -- Memory Medallions -- Connecting the Future to the Past

Memory Medallions have been mentioned before on blogs but the only one I saw that was labeled Tech Tuesday, had a broken link. Anyway it has been awhile since it has been mentioned.

I just revisited mine this week so I thought I would mention it..

Memory Medallions are small coin-like medallions that have a variety of uses but the most common is placing one on a headstone, which is what I did. Mine was given to me as a gift after my parents died  -- my mom in 2010 and my dad in 2011.

Here you can see the medallion in the lower right hand corner.

The medallion has a QR code on it:

The code can be scanned with any smart phone.

When you scan it, it takes you to a web page. The web page is yours to complete however you wish with stories, photos, videos and links. (I need to link to this blog!)

This is mine:

You can also take a picture of the bar code to use later  --  or you can go to the Memory Medallion website and search for the page by the name.

They are kind of pricey and of course there is always a million comments and questions about being able to use them with future technology and people using them for identity theft etc. but the concept remains pretty awesome. I don't have much on my parents site. No video and only the one picture. I can't help but wonder if putting one on my great-great grandparents headstone, might connect me to distant cousins! I know technology has already connected me with many cousins I would never have otherwise met.

Another thought - you could purchase one for your own headstone and leave whatever messages you want!

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