Friday, June 27, 2014

Faces From the Past -- A Picnic in Kiowa County

Once when I was very young, my grandmother, Beatrice Schmidt, and her sisters, Vi Dirks and Edna Schmidt, decided we should all go on a picnic out in the field near where they grew up. The group included those three and my Aunt Judi, my mom, my sister, Nancy, my brother, Arlin and I. We walked in a shallow creek bed for a good while and I think the reason the whole event sticks with me so well, is because we all found ourselves covered in leeches and had to peel them off of ourselves. Anyway, I found a few old slide photos of that day. My guess is it was the very early 1960s.

This one is one of my all-time favorite pictures.

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  1. I love hearing about these photos because my memory is so limited and the notes on the original photos and slides is so minimal.

    Comments from my aunt and uncle: "that would have been 1964,
    because we would have lived in Greensburg then. The
    location was Thompson Creek, north of Belvidere. One
    of you kids calmly removed the leeches; the other 2
    screamed & carried on! I don't think I had any on my
    legs or I would have had a fit too!! That was such a
    fun day...Grandma Bea, Auntie Vi & Aunt Edna were such
    special people."

    They certainly were. My memories of those sisters talking and laughing together is a favorite memory. I honestly cannot remember who was calm. I'd like to think it was me! but it probably wasn't.